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mardi 1 février 2011


un vent de contestation et de soulevement souffle sur les pays arabes . Cela a commencé par la Tunisie, et l'Egypte pays riche de 80 millions d'habitants s'est mobilisé. Nous sommes avec vous. Libérez vous de tous ces dictateurs.

Nermin I think to you in Alexandria, please, wen possible write to me. No news from you. I know that internet is over.

2 commentaires:

Chantalou a dit…

Il est en effet grand temps que ces peuples se libèrent de tous ces dictateurs, la vie n'en sera que plus belle pour eux! Vivement une justice pour ces gens! chantalou xx

Nermin Sami a dit…

I'm Egyptian and living in Alexandria city,a beautiful city in the world and my people are the most friendly nation,lately we have been seeking and demanding for political and economical changes since the corruption have reached its peak.but the protesters have been faced with violence from the police which led to many people fallen injured and dead,we have succeeded that Mubarak the president have decided to step aside after finishing his presidency period,but still more violence been practiced against protesters specially in Cairo,Don't know who i should blame,some elements are trying to make it worse and drag Egyptians to more fight ,Media have shown the bad side of the situation but i want to share the bright side,since there was no police to secure us anymore,Egyptian men have all volunteered to guard the public buildings,and houses whole night using very simple tools like stick of wood,some criminals escaped from jails and attacked banks,stores..etc but my people stood together in face of those criminals,traffic was organized by individuals,neighbors became more closer,no attacks on churches but both Muslims and Christians protected the religious place,the Egyptian Military supported the Egyptian people,and didn't shoot any protester at all,even when the Cairo museum was in danger the Egyptians young and old ran to surround the building till the forces secured it.i realized that my country and people in crisis are so unique and beautiful.